Genius is brilliant, there is no other similar product in the world. Its function is just as simple as important and vital: protecting people from the accidental fall from above of objects or liquids. 

Whether in building sites, or with fixed or mobile scaffolding, aerial platforms, or ladder lifts, the pedestrian tunnel Genius gives protection and shelter from unpredictable and potentially dangerous events. 

Unfortunately, the possibility that some small objects, material, debris or working tools may fall below and so towards the sidewalk, for example while removing crumbling pieces from buildings or during their restoration, is not uncommon and the presence of a covering as protection is essential for pedestrian safety. 

The tunnel Genius is entirely made up of aluminium components and alveolar polycarbonate, and it is modular, adjustable, strong, compact. Moreover it is provided with CE certification and it is covered by an international patent and it is distributed all over the world through an efficient and widespread sale network.